What Are The Main Processes In A Sheet Metal Fabricator?
- May 26, 2018 -

Main Processes In A Sheet Metal Fabricator


The operations between the departments in sheet metal fabricator are not much different from those of the general manufacturing companies. Here, only the manufacturing process of the products in the workshop of sheet metal fabricator is introduced.

In general, the three most important steps in a sheet metal fabricator are cutting, punching/cutting, and folding.


1.1 The first step is the shearing (also known as blanking) process. Normally, on-site workers will cut through the shearing machine to obtain the materials for right-sized parts according to the unfolded plan provided by the technical department. If it is made by punch press, you must consider the dead zone of the clamp. After the material is finished, workers mark the item number with a marker on the surface of each piece of material.

Note: There are also some sheet metal fabricator that do not have this processing step, typesetting directly on the standard plate, and then directly punching/cutting.

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1.2 The material is then sent to a CNC punch/cutter for punching/cutting operations. In this operation, you need to program an NC (Numerical Control) code for the part being machined. Most machine tool manufacturers now offer automatic programming software (most of the domestic manufacturers cooperate with such software companies abroad and sell OEM products, so they do not have their own software R&D team), which greatly facilitates programming engineers. The factors to be considered by the stamping/cutting program engineer are issues such as plate utilization, tooling, efficiency, and accuracy. After stamping/cutting is completed, the part is removed on connecting and then it is sent to the brake press machine for bending.

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1.3 In the bending process, the main considerations are tool selection, bending sequence, bending compensation, bending interference, etc. Usually there will also be random sales of bending programming software, but most domestic CNC bending machines are still artificially programmed, often relying too much on the experience of the master craftsman. On the other hand, there is certain distance on processing between the domestic sheet metal fabricator and foreign countries. And the efficiency has not improved, the performance of CNC bending machines cannot be used to their extreme.

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1.4 Finally, depending on the product, welding, grinding, painting, assembly, and packaging may be required.

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