Riveted, Bolted, And Welded In Metal Fabrication Of Ship Building (Their Advantages And Disadvantages)
- May 18, 2018 -

Riveted, Bolted and Welded Process in Metal Fabrication

We summarize from the view of metal fabrication on ship building:

● Riveted in metal fabrication is widely used in ship building prior to World War II,but now is obsolete. Despite its elimination in the marine industry, riveting is still used in modern aircraft manufacturing, but the riveting of modern aircraft is very different from the riveting of ships prior to World War II. Due to the need to reduce empty weight, aluminum and composites material are mostly used on aircraft . Aluminum is not easy to weld, and composites cannot be welded. Considering that aircraft must also be waterproof, riveting is the best choice for aircraft construction.

● Bolted connection (metal fabrication) are used only for land structures (buildings, bridges, cranes, facilities installing on decks of ships or marine platform). The structure of bolted connection is easy to remove, but it is not impervious to water, and the bolt itself is also prone to rust (water can accumulate in the groove of bolt).

● Welded is basically the only connection method for components used in the ship-building industry today (that completely replaced riveted) and it is also used in land architecture. The advantage of welding over bolted joints is that they are impermeable to water. Compared with riveting, the advantages of welding are fast, and the quality of contemporary welding technology is also more reliable. The disadvantage is that it is not easily dismantled. It must be blown up or cut off with demolition and damage to the reusability of raw materials.

Why is riveting eliminated in the ship-building industry? Except slow construction speed, the riveted hull structure before World War II can be compared to a soda cracker, and the new-built Titanic with modern welded technology can be compared to a piece of plasticine.

metal fabrication

metal fabrication

Actually the key to any large metal structure is the connection point of components! So does a ship, an airplane, a vehicle, a rocket or other metal fabrication. Two connected boards may not be stronger than a one-time composite board.

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