Sheet Metal Processing Industry Analysis
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The main raw materials of the sheet metal processing industry are non-ferrous metal alloy sheets and thin steel materials. The non-ferrous metal industry and steel industry account for about 40% of the total cost of the industry. In addition, the processing of raw materials into sheet metal products requires forging machinery and molds. Therefore, the above four industries are upstream of the sheet metal processing industry.

Since the application of sheet metal products is very common, its downstream includes all manufacturing industries, mainly in the telecommunications electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace industry, instrumentation industry, and home appliance industry. Generally speaking, most of the metal forming parts of various electromechanical products are consumed by sheet metal processing, in which the stamping process is suitable for large-volume consumption, and the CNC sheet metal process is suitable for stopping fine consumption.


Analysis of industry technology environment

Although China's sheet metal processing industry has gone global, and has a certain market share among many customers in the world, there is still a certain gap between the technical level and the enterprises in the prosperous countries. The key difference is that the technical service can be weak and not abundant. Meet customer needs in a timely manner. As the internationalization level of the industry has been strengthened from time to time, the leading enterprises in the industry have gradually recognized the gap and gradually established a good manufacturing service system. The gap between the technical level of the local enterprises and the enterprises in the prosperous countries has been significantly reduced. The technical details of the industry include two aspects: manufacturing technology and service technology.

The sheet metal processing industry provides products with multiple types, multiple batches, small batches, non-normative features and high-precision characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to have flexible consumption ability, process design ability and fine processing and manufacturing ability in the manufacturing process. .


Analysis of the development of sheet metal processing industry

With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, China's sheet metal and manufacturing industries have been able to develop rapidly. At present, the whole industry has more than 30,000 enterprises (workshops), 2 million employees, and annual consumption of sheet metal parts is about 42 million tons. The total sales volume is about 600 billion yuan. At present, the annual growth rate of China's sheet metal processing industry is still at 11- Between 15%. However, in general, the sheet metal processing industry started late, the industry is generally small, and the consumption technicians are scarce. It is difficult to form the competitiveness of the enterprise center. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and it is not yet competitive with international multinational companies.