Regulations For Metal Stamping (1)
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Regulations For Metal Stamping

1. Subject content and scope of application for metal stamping

The code of procedure stipulates the principles for processing sheet materials and some profiles in pressure machines. Apply to the processing of custom metal stamping parts produced by our company on punching machines.

2. Reference standard for metal stamping

JB/T 6753.3-1993    Tolerances for equipment components for electrical equipment; general tolerances for cold metal stamping

JB/Z 271-1986    Blanking gap (Pressing gap)

JB 4129-1985    Burr height of metal stamping parts

JB 4378-1987    Structural elements of cold metal stamping parts

JB 4379-1987    Tolerance of cold metal stamping parts

JB 4380-1987    General technical conditions for cold metal stamping parts

3. Terminology

3.1 Sheet metal parts: in electrical equipment structure, by using metal plate materials, general cold processing and metal stamping processing is called sheet metal parts. Such as door, side board, beam, mounting plate and so on.

3.2 General tolerances: dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances and other general tolerances can be guaranteed under typical conventional process conditions. This kind of tolerance is generally not injected separately in the drawings.

3.3 Flat metal stamping part: the metal stamping part is processed by plane punching process.

3.4 Forming metal stampings: stamping parts processed by bending, drawing or other forming processes.

3.5 Hole spacing: the distance between the center of any two groups of holes on the same part.

4. Equipment and tools

CNC punching machine and special tools; 16 ~ 160T ordinary punching machine; special tools and measuring instruments for punching machine.

Steel plate < 12mm; angle steel 5# and 5# below; channel steel 14# and 14# below; copper busbar, aluminum busbar, etc.

metal stamping

5  Metal stamping processing 

5.1 Preparation before metal stamping

5.1.1 Accept tasks, familiarize with parts’ drawings, understand materials, specifications and dimensions and quantities required for parts.

5.1.2 According to the drawing requirements, get the required materials or materials that is cut by shearing machine.

5.1.3 Machine tool preparation: check whether the machine is running normally; check the transmission system, lubrication system, and fuel.

5.1.4 Select the mould according to the drawing requirements, and install and debug it.

5.1.5 CNC punch operator programming, and input instructions to CNC punch press.

5.2 Metal stamping process

5.2.1 Do the first test. Verify that the machining accuracy is in line with the technical requirements of the drawings.

5.2.2 Metal stamping processing is carried out on the basis of first part inspection’s approval. During processing, it is necessary to regularly check whether the parts are in line with the technical requirements of the drawings. The last part must also be sent to the QC for final inspection after self examination. Some small pieces can go into the warehouse with the mode.

5.2.3 After metal stamping processing, the waste material must be cleaned after metal stamping processing or after the completion of the first shift. It can't affect the cleanliness of the workshop. The punch machines must be cleaned before off-work.