How To Understand The Changes In Sheet Metal Processing Technology?
- Dec 12, 2018 -

During the processing of the process, people can choose the material flexibly, without worrying that the material does not meet the processing requirements and affect the progress of the production task. Sheet metal processing technology shows obvious inapplicability in the face of many varieties, small batch size, customized, high quality, short delivery time and so on. Due to the high degree of flexibility and precision of laser cutting, and the maturity and popularity of 3D design technology.


1) Multiple bending processes in the domestic box manufacturing industry are becoming more and more popular. The advantage is that it saves traditional steel bars. It has its own unique design and process. The product quality is high and the manufacturing cost is low. In the actual production process, it is necessary to cooperate with spot welding.

2) Using laser cutting seam precision, high precision, one cut (with micro-connection), with four bends to complete four pieces of work. Breaking through the design ideas under traditional technology, achieving the goal of shortening the construction period and reducing costs.

3) Due to the use of the 榫卯 structure, the entire machining process can be completed during the spot welding process after the workpiece is bent. The workpiece is less deformed and requires no plastic or grinding prior to spraying.

4) In the conventional process, the workpiece is composed of several parts. Now the cutting and bending is complete. It has achieved the goal of shortening the process flow, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

5) In the traditional process, special welding fixtures are configured. Now, using the parts between the woodworking boring, the positioning is accurate, time-saving, the welding fixture is simple, and the product deformation is small. It has achieved the goal of shortening the construction period, reducing costs and improving quality.

In short, the above is the production and service policy that introduces the content of the gold and the process, and the quality is in the first place. We are a sheet metal processing factory. If you have any demand for sheet metal processing, please feel free to contact us.