How Many Classification Of Polishing In Stainless Fabrication?
- May 29, 2018 -

Classification Of Polish Processing In Stainless Fabrication

Most people think that stainless steel will not get rusted, but the true is not. Like many other metals, it is oxidized and rusted when it comes into contact with air or touched by hand. In addition, the surface of the stainless fabrication workpiece undergone mechanical processing such as welding, stamping, crimping, heat treatment, etc., will lead to a black, oxidatively degraded hardened layer. At the same time, many tiny burrs and sharp burrs that are visible and invisible are formed. Under normal conditions, it is difficult to remove them by mechanical methods, which affects the performance of the material itself of stainless fabricatin workpiece. In order to solve these problems, people use various methods to perform mirror polishing on metal surfaces during stainless fabrication. The classification for polishing of stainless fabrication is as follows:

1. Mirror polishing machine - grinding and polishing (in stainless fabrication) :

Grinding Wheel Polishing, Sandblasting, Grinding, Polishing, Extrusion Polishing

stainless fabrication

2. Mirror polishing processing - grinding and polishing (in stainless fabrication) :

Electrolytic chemical polishing, chemical polishing

stainless fabrication

3. Mirror polishing - composite polishing (in stainless fabrication) :

Combination of mechanical and chemical methods

For different metal materials and different occasions for use, the different requirements for the surface of stainless fabrication workpiece must be polished with different grinding methods or combinations of several grinding methods so that the processed workpiece can meet the requirements for use.