Sheet Metal Process

Sheet Metal Process

CNC Precision High Quality Sheet Metal Process - OEM Fabrication Cooperation model: OEM or ODM Design: As per customer specific requirements or customer give us the specified sample; or the customer conceptual or preliminary design; or the customer sketched idea. Accept drawing format: .jpg /...

Product Details

Custom Sheet Metal Process Manufacturing


Enclosures & Cabinets & Chassis

YOUHE offer comprehensive sheet metal process service including assembly & package to different kinds of enclosures & cabinets a variety of applications. Panels and parts are made precisely based on connection property.


Custom design service on rackets, racks, shelves of different applications are offered by YOUHE. We produce as per customers’ drawing, sketch, or just idea to make it a finished one with durable performance, high quality finish,etc.

Spare Parts (Stamping Parts)

We offer efficient and fast turnaround production on high-volume production runs with low-cost. Mould is also made in-house by YOUHE. We have all the equipment for production and lowering cost without subcontracting.

Pipe Works

YOUHE cut, bend and weld pipe & tube material with all the equipment.A variety of pipe works can be done as per customer’s request.

2. Materials

We can offer sheet metal process service on various materials, including:


Stainless Steel



Pipe & Tube

Rod, etc.

3. Processes

sheet metal process

Bending Machines

Processing Capacity:

CNC brake press

max. length up to 4000mm(up to 157");


custom sheet metal process

Laser Cutting Machine

Processing Capacity :

sheet size:2 meters×4 meters

steel cutting thickness:20mm

stainless steel cutting thickness:16mm

aluminium cutting thickness:6mm

sheet metal process china

NCT Punching (Stamping) Machines

Processing Capacity:

sheet size avaliable: 1.5 meters×3 meters

steel thickness avaliable:3.0mm

stainless steel thickness avaliable:2.0mm

aluminium thickness avaliable:5.0mm

sheet metal process oem

Ordinary Pressing Machines & Hydraulic Pressing Machines

Processing Capacity:

ordinary pressing:100T

hydraulic pressing:200T

mould made in house

sheet metal process

Powder Coating Line + Pre-treatment Tanks

Processing Capacity:

150 meters

1.5 meters×4 meters

sheet metal process

Tube Bending Machines

sheet metal process

Welding Machines

Processing Capacity:

stainless steel, steel, aluminium material avaliable

TIG / MIG /Spot welding

4. Finishes

Powder Coating (IN HOUSE)


Plating :zinc-plating, chrome-plating, nickel-plating,etc.



Pls check more from us if don’t see the finish you need.

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