Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

COMPANY PROFILE YOUHE metal working is one of very few companies that can provide comprehensive metalworking services to customers worldwide. Our services typically include machining, metal fabrication and casting for metal parts,components, and complete assemblies especially for large and...

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1. Advantages to choose us!

DEVELOPMENT ability, an innovative and fast growing R&D team.

DESIGN capabilities,familiar with the structure of product and mould.

CINFIDENTIALITY, to comply with the basic business ethics and customer privacy.

ASSEMBLY and PACKAGING DESIGN,product can be used for terminal market sales.

COMMUNICATION ABILITY in English,response within 24 hours, sales with over 5-year industrial experience.

EFFICIENT,treasure the time of customers and complete the excess of the work.

2.Main Machines For Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication custom

Bending Machines

Processing capacity

(1)CNC brake press

(2)max. length up to 4000mm(up to 157")


laser cutting sheet metal fabrication

Laser Cutting Machine

Processing capacity

(1)sheet size:2 meters×4 meters

(2)steel cutting thickness:20mm

(3)stainless steel cutting thickness:16mm

(4)aluminium cutting thickness:6mm

sheet metal fabrication china

NCT Punching (Stamping) Machines

Processing Capacity

(1)sheet size avaliable: 1.5 meters×3 meters

(2)steel thickness avaliable:3.0mm

(3)stainless steel thickness avaliable:2.0mm

(4)aluminium thickness avaliable:5.0mm

pressing sheet metal fabrication

Ordinary Pressing Machines & Hydraulic Pressing Machines

Processing Capacity

(1)ordinary pressing:100T

(2)hydraulic pressing:200T

(3)mould made in house

oem sheet metal fabrication

Powder Coating Line + Pre-treatment Tanks

Processing Capacity

(1)150 meters

(2)1.5 meters×4 meters

sheet metal fabrication-tube bending

Tube Bending Machines

welding sheet metal fabrication

Welding Machines

Processing Capacity

(1)stainless steel, steel, aluminium material avaliable

(2)TIG / MIG /Spot welding

3.Sheet Metal Fabrication Products


4.Packing & Delivery

We offer three standards of package on the premise that cargo is delivered safely.

1)Commercial package:Bubble Foam+Plywood Pallet.

2)Medium Standard Package:Bubble Foam+Wooden Crate OR Bubble Foam+Carton+Plywood Pallet.

3)Highest Standard Package:Custom Plastic Bag+Foam Mat+Carton+Plywood Pallet.

sheet metal fabrication package

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