Metal Fabricator

Metal Fabricator

Guangdong Foshan Professional Sheet Metal Fabricator - Custom Made to Your Specification COMPANY PROFILE YOUHE is committed to provide high quality services to our customers and serviced many different industries, including Electronics, Medical, Communications, and Commercial Industries, etc. We...

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1.Main Machine Introduction

China sheet metal fabricator with professional experience.

Sheet metal fabrication is processed through a series of precision equipment, here below is the detail for reference:

Machine NameQtyProcessing Capacity
Laser Cut Machine1

1) Usual materials:

Stainless steel 304 / 316, cold/hot rolled steel, Galvanized steel(SGCC),SECC, Aluminum alloy 5052 / 6061, etc.

2) Applicable thickness:

Steel: less than 20mm

Stainless steel: less than 12mm

Aluminium:less than 6mm


Equipment: 4000W Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting Dimension: 4000*2000mm

Feature: High precision, less burr

NCT Stamping Machine3

Equipment: AMADA NCT Punching Machine

Cutting Dimension: 1500*3000mm

Cutting thickness: less than 3mm

Feature: lower cost & efficient

CNC Bend Machine4

Equipment: AMADA & FLK Bending Machines

Bending Dimension: 4000mm

Ordinary Press Machine60Application: pressing, riveting, countersink, clinching, drilling etc.
Hydraulic Press Machine4Application: pressing, deep drawing,etc
Pipe Cutting Machine4Cut all kinds of pipe ( round, square), rod, angle steel, SHS, etc in different angles and length
Pipe Bend Machine3Bend all kinds of avaliable materials in different angles and shapes
Welding Machine7TIG, MIG, Spot welding
Finish Equipment5Powder coating line, pre-treatment tanks, polishing, hairlined, silk screening, etc.


1) Small details make big difference. We promise: all the parts from our company have no sharp edge. Holes and screw holes are chamfered for convenient assembly (Under no indication). Every product will be carefully packed to prevent the bump and rust in transit.

2) The craftsmanship of all parts we machined is controlled rigorously. Every product has its own process card and process chart.

3) Our quality inspection procedure is quite must be self-inspected during production, we have flow inspectors and professional inspectors.

4) Each size of product must be tested one to one after completing production and provide quality report.

5) We have advanced processing machines.Comprehensive processing make all projects available by saving cost on sourcing reliable suppliers.

6) The most important point, we are the entity factory, not trading company. Price is the composition of the actual product quality price. Quality can guarantee more controllable higher than trading company. The price is lower, at least reducing the trade company's service fee.

8) Because we are more close to our factory, we can understand the actual situation of our factory, we are more professional, more reasonable and more accurate than trade company.

9) We have a good enterprise culture with various professional training programs, early meeting every day to share our work experiences to grown up together happily. We have a great ability to development in the company.

3.High Quality Welding And Treatment

Excellent Stainless Steel Welding & Treatment & Grinding

welding metal fabricator

Strong Steel Welding Service & Grinding

steel metal fabricator

4.Brand Service - Powder Coating

YOUHE is a one-stop sheet metal fabricator, equipped with on-site powder coating line.

Our auto line is 150 meters long holding environmental license and recycling system.We manages many projects that require a powder coated finish, and have developed a robust supply chain for large request.

metal fabricator powder coating

5. Custom Made Products Gallery

As a custom metal fabricator, products vary according to customers' requirement and drawings, we always stick to the basic principle of mantaining the smallest tolerance and the best assembling relationship of whole set. Focusing on details is the priority during production. All on-position staff is continuously awared of the concept of our business which is the vitality of YOUHE.

Please show us your DRAWING &SAMPLES, we will produce it as you need.



Laser Cut Parts

Decorative Items, Thick Material Parts, High Precision Parts, etc.

CNC Machining Parts

Machined Parts, Other Spare Parts, Accessories, etc.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Food Machinery Parts, Acid/Alkali-resistant Parts, Marine Parts, Outdoor Items, etc.

Steel Fabrication with Different Surface Treatment (Customized)

Cabinet, Enclosure, Racks, Shelves, Custom Parts, etc.

Aluminium Fabrication

Machined Parts, Truck Box, Electrical Parts, Boat Parts, Auto Parts, Decorative Screen, Doors, Window Parts, Trailer Parts, etc.

Ordinary Press/Hydraulic Press

Auto Parts, Electric Parts, Low-cost Parts, Parts with Large Quantity, etc.

metal fabricator

6. Shipping & Package

YOUHE doesn't consider an order complete until it has arrived on-site, ready to be installed, and approved on quality by customers.

Our engineers are familiar with logistics information of ocean and air freight shipping, and they will calculate and design packing solutions which is cost-efficient and safe for shipping due to priducts' diversity.

From preparing for oversize loads, containerization plans for international shipments, to working with our customers to design custom pallets, crates, and cribbing, YOUHE is dedicated to ensuring your product arrives on-time and intact.

metal fabricator - package

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