What are the problems of metal welding processing
- Dec 27, 2017 -

More and more places now use the car, so the car parts are also very popular following the US metal welding processing have what problem, know you can directly to repair the car can guarantee the service life of the vehicle with the weld metal parts made of these problems in the future. Of course, it is very precise for the processing technology, and in the process of processing will also meet the corresponding problems.

When you are welding the metal, you may turn over and distort this phenomenon. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Let's introduce it to you in detail. If the metal welding is processed in the blanking of the blanking, it is twisted. Then you need to study the cutting edge, and also need to be careful to check whether the blanking gap is reasonable.

If it is caused by the buckling of the stamping parts at the bending, then you need to process the U - shaped V bending. For the problem, it is caused by the slip of the guide position in the bending process. If your metal welding is turned over and distorted, and thus causes bad forming, then you need to solve it from the blanking.

According to a study, 60% to 70% of the steel in the world are plates, and most of them are stamped into finished products. So you can completely imagine how extensive the application of metal welding is.