What are the advantages of laser cutting in the processing of products
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Nowadays, manufacturers are using laser cutting to process products, which has many advantages compared with traditional machining. What are the advantages of specific laser cutting in the production of products?

First, the laser cutting processing method is a kind of environmental protection, the noise can not be generated in the process of cutting and processing products, will not cause pollution, the laser cutting process itself is a kind of green energy, compared with other processing more in maintenance more convenient, more convenient operation.

Secondly, the processing technology of laser cutting is more advanced, and many aspects of the traditional machining can not be achieved. The diameter of laser spot is very small, and it can provide many precision products, and at the same time, it has less influence on the financial part of cutting. Therefore, no matter how complex or difficult the product is, it can ensure its quality and deformation.

Then, laser cutting is more flexible in product processing. In the process of workpiece processing, mold support and cutting can not be used. No matter it is single or batch, it can be processed at any time.

Finally, the products made with laser cutting are relatively cheap, the processing operation is relatively simple, and the processing consumables are relatively small. The speed of cutting is very fast. It is controlled automatically by computer. The method is simple and convenient.