The thickness of the stainless steel processing process is determined by what
- Dec 27, 2017 -

During the processing of stainless steel products, we need to know their familiarity in advance. For example, what kind, thickness and stainless steel products are processed in Xiamen stainless steel processing plant?

The difference between the first, the export and the domestic use

Because international and domestic standards for the thickness of stainless steel products are different. The requirements for the thickness of stainless steel are relatively high in the world, while the standard for stainless steel products is relatively low in China. If it is the general thickness of stainless steel products used for export in foreign trade, the thickness of the products used in China will be relatively small.

Second. The difference in the scope of use

To use the thickness of stainless steel products in industry is far greater than the thickness in the use of tableware industry because of the use of stainless steel industry, the environment is very bad, if the product design in the thickness of more reasonable, can stop outside the harsh environment of harassment, stainless steel products have a longer service life.