Stainless steel sheet metal processing - stainless steel sheet metal processing technology
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Stainless steel sheet metal processing generally uses these devices:

1. Unloading equipment includes: ordinary shearing machine, CNC shearing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine

2. Forming equipment includes: ordinary punching machine, mesh machine, folding bed and CNC folding bed.

3. Welding equipment includes: argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, spot welding machine, robot welding machine.


The process steps of stainless steel sheet metal processing are generally as follows:

1. Select the blanking material. After completion, proceed to the next process and enter the corresponding process according to the processing requirements.

2. Stainless steel sheet metal parts shall be surface treated after completion of bending, pressing and riveting. Different surface treatment methods are different. After cold plate processing, surface plating is generally performed. After plating, no spraying is required, and other common It is vulcanized and sprayed after phosphating. Plated panels require surface cleaning, degreasing, and then spraying.

3, stainless steel sheet metal processing in the bending, according to the size of the drawing, the thickness of the material to determine the tool and slot used for bending. In order to avoid the collision between the product and the tool, the deformation is the key to the selection of the upper die, and the selection of the lower die is determined according to the thickness of the plate. In order to weld firmly, bumps are formed on the workpiece to be welded, and the bumps are uniformly contacted with the flat plate before the electric welding to ensure uniform heating at each point.

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4. After the bending and spraying, the assembly process should be carried out. Before the assembly, the protective sticker used in the original spraying should be torn off, and it is determined that the threaded hole in the part is not sprinkled with paint or powder. In the whole process, gloves should be worn. Avoid dust on the workpiece, if you find any debris or dust on the workpiece, you need to blow it clean before you can enter the packaging.

5, surface treatment: surface treatment generally has phosphate film, electroplated multicolored zinc, chromate, baking varnish, oxidation, etc. Phosphating film is generally used for cold-rolled sheet and electrolytic board, its role is mainly on the material table A protective film on the top to prevent oxidation. The next step is to enhance the adhesion of the paint. The electroplated multicolored zinc is generally treated with a cold-rolled sheet surface; the chromate and the oxidation are generally used for the surface treatment of aluminum sheets and aluminum profiles; the selection of the specific surface treatment method is based on the customer's Depending on the requirements.

6, which needs to pay attention to the protection of the material, can not be scratched. Assembly is the last step in the completion of a product. If the material cannot be used due to scratches, it needs to be reworked, which will waste a lot of processing time and increase the cost of the item. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the protection of the material.