Sheet metal fabrication- process characteristics of cold stamping - advantages and disadvantages of cold stamping
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Cold stamping process features:

Because it is usually processed at room temperature of the press, it is called cold stamping.

The main feature of the cold stamping production process is that it is processed by die and stamping equipment, which is easy to automate, high in productivity and easy to operate.


Advantages of cold stamping:

The parts obtained by cold stamping generally do not need to be machined, so it is a method of saving energy and saving raw materials.

The raw materials used for cold stamping are mostly sheets or strips with good surface quality. The dimensional tolerances of the stampings are guaranteed by the die, so the dimensions are stable and the interchangeability is good.

The cold stamping product has a thin wall, light weight and good rigidity, and can be processed into parts with complicated shapes, from the second hand of the clock to the longitudinal beam of the car and the cover.


Disadvantages of cold stamping:

Since die manufacturing is generally produced in a single piece and small batch, with high precision and high technical requirements, it is a technology-intensive product with high manufacturing cost. Therefore, cold stamping production can only achieve higher economic effects in the case of large quantities.


To sum up: cold stamping has unique characteristics compared with other processing methods, so it is widely used in industrial production, especially in mass production.

A considerable number of industrial sectors are increasingly using cold stamping products, such as machinery manufacturing, vehicle production, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, light industry, instrumentation and daily necessities. In these industrial sectors, the proportion of stamping parts is quite large. Many parts that have been manufactured by casting, forging and cutting methods have been replaced by stamping parts with light weight and good rigidity.