Precision sheet metal processing - what is precision sheet metal processing
- Jan 09, 2019 -

First of all, the difference between sheet metal processing and precision sheet metal processingļ¼š

The range of sheet metal processing is relatively large, and all products with metal forming can be collectively referred to as sheet metal parts.

Among them: sheet metal is divided into general sheet metal and precision sheet metal, which is mainly different in technology. Ordinary sheet metal is processed by traditional processing equipment, such as ordinary punching machine, open angle machine, etc., in order to realize shape processing, it is often For the processing of batch products, and the accuracy is not guaranteed, some complicated processes are difficult to achieve.


Advantages of precision sheet metal processing:

Precision sheet metal processing is suitable for processing large and small batch products, featuring short processing cycle, high precision and good uniformity.

Precision sheet metal processing conditions:

The transition from ordinary sheet metal processing to precision sheet metal processing requires the following conditions: equipment replacement, technology upgrade, management improvement, etc.