​In sheet metal processing, quality control and production, why is it difficult to live in harmony?
- Sep 21, 2018 -

In sheet metal processing, quality control and production, why is it difficult to live in harmony?

In sheet metal processing, the dispute between quality and production is a timeless topic.

Many quality management personnel in sheet metal processing industry often complain that quality control is difficult to do, complaining that the leadership does not pay attention, the production department does not cooperate, the salary is low, there is no status, etc., among which the production department does not cooperate more. The production department pursues production and efficiency, and the quality department pursues quality and effect. Although the core value is not the same as the mission, it is actually the same in sheet metal processing industry.

High output is not necessarily low quality, and high quality does not necessarily result in low output. If the management system is good, the teamwork is good, all aspects of the system for sheet metal processing are running stably, and work together to improve, production and quality can be improved simultaneously. For example, the back of the palm of your hand, who can not be separated. In theory, there should be no conflict between the two during sheet metal processing production. But in fact, because of different positions and different indicators of pursuit, differences and conflicts between the production department and the quality department are inevitable.

How can we reduce conflicts and be a little more harmonious in sheet metal processing industry?

In general, both sides must have correct concepts and understanding. If you are doing quality, it is recommended that you not only find out the problems of the production line, but also spend more time analyzing and solving the problems, and making more constructive comments and suggestions, rather than asking questions. If you are doing production, I suggest you settle your mind. Don't think that the quality department is picking the bones in the egg. They should be inside the sheet metal processing factory and find problems inside the process as a good luck. After all, it is much better than shipping defective products to customers, being fined and returning by customers, being boiled by the boss, and then reworking, scrapping, and deducting wages.

The following is a discussion of production and quality control in sheet metal processing industry:

Viewpoint 1: The quality inspection department in sheet metal processing industry is equivalent to the police on the road, the production department is equivalent to the driving vehicle, the sheet metal processing enterprise is the country that needs transportation, the technical department is the mainstream of the laws and regulations and the research department. In fact, everyone's interests are the same! I hope that a large number of traffic will continue to ensure smooth transportation. If everyone drives an express train and hits a lot of things, the state will calculate the losses. Therefore, the degree of law enforcement should be judged according to the situation of the country and the needs of customers.

Viewpoint 2: I think that the two are complementary in sheet metal processing, the quality is good, and the production is not useless; the production is more, it is even more inferior. There is a contradiction between quality and production, but quality is the first. Production without quality is waste, the greater the output, the greater the waste!

Viewpoint 3: We have a saying - production is money, quality is life. We can't ask for money, I think this is the relationship between them.

Viewpoint 4: Quality is for production, production is for profit, profit is for customers, and quality is determined by customers. Ladies and gentlemen, please understand the bosses at the beginning of the business. They only think that the second is the most correct; please understand the customer base of the company's product positioning, which determines the quality level that the company's products should reach. Therefore, do not regard quality as something high, but should go deep into the masses.

Viewpoint 5: The quality management personnel of a sheet metal processing enterprise must have the ability to balance the cost of improving quality and the ability to establish long-term brand benefits through quality in order to influence the boss or the factory manager. This requires a lot of effort and can be done well with the support of various departments within the company. When I was doing research and development, I realized that the knowledge and feelings of consumers are not able to know the quality of your company's products. Therefore, from the perspective of management, the company should also consider the quality of the relative products when the quality is too high.

Viewpoint 6: Quality control work in sheet metal processing production is based on prevention. In daily work, people who can generally raise predictive problems are more experienced, but experience is not only a long time to participate in work. Usually we can find problems in time and try to think about problems, but the way to solve them is not deep enough. Therefore, we are passive when communicating with other departments during the quality monitoring process. Of course, others are on an equal footing with you, why should you obey you, only your profession is authoritative or you have great prestige in the company, which is convincing. You must find a way to make your opponent's boss agree with your point of view. It is best to convince his boss with a stake, then your wishes can be fulfilled. Therefore, when blaming others for not being able to communicate, first review whether your communication method is correct, and whether it is appropriate for the person you are communicating with.

Viewpoint 7: To do quality management, we must learn to expose the problem during every sheet metal processing. You make small problems into big problems, and small hidden dangers become big contradictions. Let everyone see its harm and have to make up their minds to rectify. What is important is the temporary problem of people, which requires constant publicity and lessons to cultivate. If a self-examination mechanism is established, and internal problems and hidden dangers are constantly being sought and intensified, it is just around the corner. Production without quality is waste, and the greater the output, the greater the waste.

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The problems of the production department and the quality control department are actually human problems.

If the two departments are inconsistent in their understanding of quality, they will have different views on the problem; if everyone agrees on quality management, they will naturally deal with the problem together, find the receiving standard together, and manage the quality in production together. Therefore, to fundamentally deal with and resolve the contradiction between the two departments, the first is that everyone agrees on the understanding of quality management, there are many methods, mainly communication and training, and the requirements of quality management are included in the performance appraisal.

Quality service production, reducing unnecessary waste of enterprises

Only by taking into account production and quality can we truly improve our competitiveness. The close combination of the production department and the quality and technical departments is that the products of the company have stronger competitiveness; only the pursuit of production output and not the pursuit of product quality, then this product will not be too competitive in the market. The quality department carefully checks the products and puts forward the product's appearance and performance rationalization requirements. The technical department formulates corresponding regulations and process systems according to the requirements to constrain and standardize production. The production department combines quality and technical requirements to organize production in a fine manner, and always forms a closed loop of production, technology and quality, mutual supervision and mutual promotion, and gradually forms a good atmosphere.

In a word: production as the center, technology as the key, quality as the guarantee, to carry out production organization; production should have quality awareness, non-compliance will be punished, products will be scrapped. Quality must have a sense of production, assist production to reduce scrap and increase production. The common goal of both parties: good products are delivered to customers in a timely manner. If both parties have such an idea, quality production can be a win-win situation!