For the purpose of the knife, why shouldvsheet meatl fabrication the CNC lathe be used?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The tool setting means that the operator overlaps the tool point and the tool point by a certain measuring method before starting the NC program. The tool can be used with the tool setting tool, the operation is relatively simple, and the measurement data is relatively accurate.


You can also use the gauge block, feeler gauge, dial gauge, etc. to position the tool on the CNC machine tool after positioning the fixture and installing the parts on the CNC machine. For the operator, it is very important to determine the tool point, which will directly affect the machining accuracy of the part and the accuracy of the program control. In the batch production process, it is necessary to take into account the repeatability of the tool point. It is necessary for the operator to deepen the understanding of the numerical control equipment and master more tool setting techniques.

The essence of the tool is to determine the position of the program origin in the machine coordinate system.

There is an error in the tool setting. The tooling error is allowed to be generated to some extent, and it is inevitable, but it can be minimized. The accuracy of the tool directly affects the machining accuracy. Therefore, the tool setting method must be compatible with the machining accuracy requirements of the part.


A dial gauge can be used when the machining accuracy of the part is too high. Generally, the intersection of the axis and the section of the machine tool spindle is the tool position, that is, the tool length of the reference tool is 0, and the length of the other tool is the tool compensation value. Therefore, no matter which tool is used, the result is the machine tool. The intersection of the spindle axis and the end face coincides with the tool point. The coordinate display of the machine tool is used to determine the position of the tool point in the machine coordinate system, thereby determining the position of the workpiece coordinate system in the machine coordinate system. By using the tool setting tool to determine the length of other knives, the problem of determining the workpiece coordinate system and the problem of determining the tool compensation during multi-tool machining are solved.