Application of Numerical Control Technology in Sheet Metal Processing
- Dec 27, 2017 -

With the development of computer technology, numerical control technology is widely used in the machining process of sheet metal, the numerical control technology is one of the important, and CNC punching CAD / CAM application system of the quality of the CNC punching machine use, production efficiency and material utilization, improve the quality of sheet metal parts have a critical influence. Large international CAD / CAM software in processing quality and technology integration is very advanced, but for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, the high price often makes them difficult to bear, while the domestic independent copyright software and less, thus affecting the enterprise technology upgrading, directly affects the enterprise in the international competitive market environment. There are a lot of small punch manufacturing enterprises, integrated use of these enterprises CAD / CAM technology, the low level of NC code generation depends mainly on the technical manual step by step, even in the preparation to be done before the coordinates (such as the relative coordinates into absolute coordinates) calculation etc., compiled code can not be simulated cause, code error and processing parts of the waste is inevitable. In view of the above situation, developed with independent intellectual property rights, is suitable for the integration of small and medium manufacturing enterprises in sheet metal industry CNC punch press CAD / CAM application system, the NC code can be generated automatically, making the code simulation, system running effect is good.

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