Analysis Of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication And Green Sheet Metal Fabrication (1)
- Aug 26, 2018 -

Analysis Of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication And Green Sheet Metal Fabrication (1)

The concept of precision sheet metal fabrication and green sheet metal fabrication is advancing with the times. When we are young,sheet metal fabrication is to cut seam by scissors, use the needle or round plan to draw line, and use the wooden square ruler to bend the folds. Precision is not more than 1mm, the hammer mark cannot be seen, which is called a high level of sheet metal work.

Later, with the hydraulic shearing machine and the bending machine appeared in sheet metal fabrication industry, the processing were labor-saving and the surface quality was uniform after processing, and the appearance was very beautiful. Then there appeared the CNC shearing machine and the CNC bending machine. The bending angle of the machined parts can be accurate to 0.1°, the size can be accurate to 0.1mm or even higher, and it is not necessary to use a trapezoidal screw or thread to adjust position for many times, which saves a lot of time and materials (manual adjustment can not avoid cutting or breaking a few sheets, even small pieces).

Up to now, there has been an automatic material stock in sheet metal fabrication, which can not only realize automatic feeding, but also automatically complete the storage according to the different thickness, material and size of the parts to be processed. In the modern processing process, the punching, flanging, tapping, punching, ventilating and other process operations can be completed on a CNC punching machine, and then the line is automatically bent and lowered.(shown in picture 1 for the Salvagnini device).

The bending knives in the Salvagnini bending machine have also evolved from manual die-changing to automatic die-changing. Until the 2017 Industrial Fair, the author saw that the Trumpf bending machine has a higher degree of automation, and the automatic mold function is more and more. Ingeniously, Salvagnini, the creator of the world's leading flexible bending equipment, has to continue to maintain the status of the leader and have to innovate quickly and introduce more and more ingenious machines for sheet metal fabrication industry.

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